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Flea COLLARS at the Shelter

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Flea COLLARS at the Shelter

Post by Gamina on Sat Oct 17, 2015 1:37 pm

I found flea collars at the Animal Shelter today. I don't like the flea drops because it's expensive for me to treat my dogs at recommended dosages; I have two 25# dogs and one 65#. The collars are good for 4 months and each one is a little cheaper than the drops for one month. The insecticide is diazinon. Before anyone hollers at me for diazinon, it was banned in France as a flea killer because some little kid ate part of a collar and got sick and some other kids slept wrapped up with their pets and got sick. The advice is don't eat a collar or snuggle into the neck of your pet while you sleep.

The maker is Virbac and they deserve to be supported as they provide some medicines for our free spay/neuter clinics.
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Re: Flea COLLARS at the Shelter

Post by borderreiver on Sun Oct 18, 2015 2:41 am

You are a good pet Mom/Dad. Kudos for just trying to do your best.

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