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Ranch Puppies of the Week – The ELITE EIGHT!

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Ranch Puppies of the Week – The ELITE EIGHT!

Post by Flamingo on Wed Mar 15, 2017 1:31 am

Just another day at The Ranch. A mom dog dumped with 8 sweet youngsters, 2 boys and 6 girls…OK, we know, they're too young just yet for adoption, but when the time comes…these pups are SO LUCKY…their mommy has a sweet gentle disposition, and she doesn't mind if volunteers cuddle, handle and wonderfully socialize her offspring…the pups take after their mother! Watching them grow and explore is so rewarding. Mom is in the process of gradually encouraging the wee ones to not nurse as much, and the "kids" are starting to discover "kibble"! Their mother is small breed mix of who knows what (?) we don't think they will be big dogs when grown, but we DO know they will be incredibly delightful!

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