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What a Miracle!

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What a Miracle!

Post by Trailrunner on Tue May 02, 2017 7:47 am

This from Art regarding a friend of his and their lost dog:

Today has been a miraculous day ..
Our guardian angel / best friend / gardener / handy-man [ of over 10 years ] called this morning at 10:30A - he said he had a surprise.He had Sombra !

Sombra got out [ bolted past our opening front gate when Jay was leaving when bombs went off ] on June 9, 2016 .. yes, almost 11 months ago. She was terrified, and just took off like a 'shot'. We spent many months !! day and night walking the town streets, talking to people, plastering flyers and posters all over, etc.. We had a few false sightings in the months that followed, but Julio would always go check them out..

Julio in particular all these months kept Sombra in his heart and kept talking with anyone he met about her being missing. Yesterday he talked to a man who said he thought he might have seen such a dog up on the mountain - moutain side and west of SJC where housese were being built. The man said that construction workers had been feeding her.. well, they would leave food out and when no one was around she would come and eat..

Julio went up to that part of the mountain this morning to look and see if he could see the dog the man was speaking about.. Julio went up a moutain road to that area and could see Sombra in the distance , and he very calmly crouched down , and called her and she came to him as she recognized him.. and he grabbed her before she could dash off.She still had her collar on and ID tag, but no one could get near her to see her ID as she was always frightened and run off if a person got too close.

Although she needs a good haircut / shave, she is not skinny, or injured .. took a little while for the other 6 dogs to get adjusted to her presence, but so far so good...So up to 7 dogs, and 7 little tables for food dishes, etc..

Guess, the main lesson is to keep faith and keep looking.. AND have a good friend like Julio there at your side for help !!!!
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Re: What a Miracle!

Post by Lady Otter Latté on Tue May 02, 2017 10:25 am

Oh, wonderful!
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