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Ranch Pups of the Week – PICK-A-PUP — OR TWO!!!!

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Ranch Pups of the Week – PICK-A-PUP — OR TWO!!!!

Post by Flamingo on Wed Jun 07, 2017 4:28 pm

These cuddly bundles of puppy cuteness ended up at the Ranch at a very young age, just barely weaned, about 2 months ago. They were lucky, because they were in good health and in good spirits! Breed mix is anybody's guess! Purebred MSD (Mexican Street Dog) mixed with ????? and will probably be medium in size.

OK, here's the round-up:

• Mandy (Amanda): She's smallest in size, but BIG in personality!
• Hermanito ("Little Brother"): One of the 2 boys, he's a lively kid!
• Foca: ("Seal"): Foca has an interesting dark charcoal gray color to her coat, which is short and a SEAL!
• Toby: The other brother...he's quite FULL of himself! Just look at those cute perky eyebrows!
• Katie (Katie Perezosa, or "Lazy Katie"): She's more laid back, but willingly takes her turn at playing!

All are current on their shots/de-worming, all ready for you to take your pick - it will be hard to decide, but no matter which pup you bring home, they will bring joy!

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