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New dog groomer who also does doggie massage

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New dog groomer who also does doggie massage

Post by Flamingo on Fri Jan 05, 2018 12:03 am

A friend recently completed her training as a dog groomer and dog masseuse. Her name is Julie and she will pick up your dog, or if you have space, groom at your home. Grooming starts at $150 pesos. She can be reached at 333 127 0273. I have used her and my dogs love her!

The dog massage is amazing. My 14 1/2 year old Corgi, Sam, had cancer and arthritis. Julie was training and needed a dog so I volunteered Sam. It was wonderful. He had a massage weekly for a month. He moved like a much younger dog, ran and played and went along for walks. (something he hadn't wanted to do in many months) Unfortunately the cancer didn't go away, and he succumbed several weeks later. Sam had the best month he'd had in years and was so happy. It was a good end for a good long life.

Julie says the massage can aid digestion, arthritis, heal inflammation and prevent injury in agility dogs. The massage lasts for 45 minutes and costs $300 pesos. A real bargain.
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