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Ilox Update

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Ilox Update

Post by tkessler2 on Mon Mar 12, 2018 6:56 pm

Hi Everyone,

Here's an update on the Ilox situation. Things are going well, but there have been some communications issues. Email in particular may sometimes bounce or not be received. In some cases, people have complained of no response but no signup record has been registered.

- We are at 480 pledges. Of those 100 have received contracts and completed payment or in the process of doing so.  If you have not pledged and wish to do so, here's the link to the signup form:  and the FAQ:

- The remaining 380 are a mixture of cases . Some replied to Ilox reconfirmation requests with a barrage of questions, with incomplete or missing data, bounced emails, have missing signup entries, or sent responses that have not been received. Its all over the map, Ilox will go through these one by one and contact you individually. Thanks for your patience while they work through this. They have three people assigned to working through the backlog.

- If you responded to the Ilox reconfirmation request mail, and have not received a response, please resend it to Make sure it includes a legible copy of your official ID, proof of domicile, plan election, and whether your development receives services via undergrounds ducts or uses CFE poles.

Feel free to copy or message me and I'll follow up too. If you sent in this information, you should receive back from ILOX your personalized contracts and a Bancomer payment reference number.

Tom Kessler


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