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"Spanky the Adorable" 6 lb, 7 month abandoned puppy needs home

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"Spanky the Adorable" 6 lb, 7 month abandoned puppy needs home

Post by Poe Bango on Sun Jun 10, 2018 5:38 pm

I am "SPANKY THE ADORABLE!!"  I'm sure you can see why! Especially the Adorable part. I was dumped in somebody's carport, all covered in fleas and ticks and bloated with parasites. waaah! :(   A nice yady rescued me and I am now all cleaned up and parasite free. I am the sweetest thing in the world -- and humble! I am so well behaved and easy. I don't bark or cry. I just love being loving! I have been hanging out with big dogs, small dogs, and cats! I get along with all of them! I am also easy to just pop (not poop, lol) in your bag to take me around doing errands! I love that! I am about 7 months and am about as big as I'm going to get -- approx. 6 pounds. Me needs a wonderful hooman! Please let me if you are interested in sharing a wonderful life with me!  Update: I am now house-trained!! I've also had my first round of vaccinations.

Poe Bango

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